Автомати К2 Hurrithane L

Автомати К2 Hurrithane L

220 лв.

Чисто нови автомати K2.


Размер L.


The Urethane Tweekback highbacks give you full range of motion and the canted footbeds match your natural leg position while riding for less fatigue and strain. That's not all the Hurrithane brings to the table. Back that up with tool-less strap adjustments and airlock highback technology that eliminates the need for forward lean adjustments. 

The 2014-2015 K2 Hurrithane snowboard binding features...

  • Ability Level- Created for that intermediate and up freestyle and park rider.
  • Pro-Fusion Chassis- A hardy fram that has a tool-less power ramp adjustment, an on-board toe strap mount postion and multi-position ankle strap mount for tons of adjustability.
  • Tweekback FS Highback- A Urethane highback giving you all-mountain support and flex with Airlock technology supplying seamless power transfer and tool-less forward lean adjustment.
  • Flex- 3 out of 10 flex rating making the Hurrithane soft and workable.
  • Custom Caddi Ankle Straps- Durable Polyurethane laminates back a super soft strap with ladder cover.
  • Tool-Less Universal Toe Straps- Cored for a lightweight and secure fit over the toe with tool-less adjustments.
  • Mega RADchets- Large aluminum levers with a wider tapered ladder opening for easy entry and exit.
  • Discs- Universal perf design mounts on 4-hole, 3-hole, or slot systems. Comes with powerhold washers that provide ultimate locking power.
  • Canted Seamless EVA Footbed- An inward 3 degree angle to match your natural leg postion during riding which gives you more support to the outside of the foot and provides improved control and ollie pop. But wait that's not all! Also reduces fatigue allowing you to ride longer and push harder.


Our Comments- The K2 Hurrithane is backed by one of the most technically gifted snowboarders in the world, Chris Beresford! If he's riding it... It must be good.

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